Reel to Reel Studio!

Your creative haven.

Discover the perfect space for your artistic vision. Our versatile rental rooms are meticulously designed for photo and video shoots, recording podcasts, videocasts, and conducting interviews.

Equipped with top-tier gear, our studio offers a seamless experience for creators seeking excellence in production quality. Step into a realm where your creativity knows no bounds – Reel to Reel, where every shot, sound, and scene comes to life!

Creative space on the ground floor and boasts over 4 meters high ceilings.
130 m2
Cyclorama space, photo space and space for podcasts and inverview recording.
3 spaces
An infinity wall for maximum creativity during photo and video shoots.

Discover our rental spaces

Find the best fitting space for your next shoot.

White fabric pouch with white zipper, black zipper pull, and black elastic loop.

Photo space

Discover our rental photo space, a haven for photographers. Featuring diverse backgrounds, professional lights, and softboxes, it's ideal for any shoot. Designed for both seasoned and aspiring photographers, this studio ensures every image captured is a masterpiece. Your perfect shot awaits here.

Price (incl. 19% VAT)

Hourly 80 €
Half day (4h) 280 €
Full day (9h) 550 €
White fabric pouch with white zipper, black zipper pull, and black elastic loop.

Cyclorama space

Explore our rental cyclorama space, featuring an infinity wall with customizable cyclorama lights for any background color. Equipped with professional lights and softboxes, it's the ideal setting for seamless, creative photography and videography. Enjoy the endlessness of creativity!

Price (incl. 19% VAT)

Hourly 100 €
Half day (4h) 360 €
Full day (9h) 700 €
White fabric pouch with white zipper, black zipper pull, and black elastic loop.

Podcast/Interview space

Step into our cozy and beautifully designed rental space, tailored for podcasts and interviews. Experience top-notch recording technology, ensuring crystal-clear audio quality. Ideal for intimate conversations or professional podcasts, this space combines comfort with technical excellence for a superior recording experience.

Price (incl. 19% VAT)

Hourly 85 €
Half day (4h) 290 €
Full day (9h) 600 €

Quality customer service is important to us!

For your comfortable stay in our studio, some additional services are included in the rental price.

On-Site Support Included

Our team is always at the studio to give you an studio briefing and answer your questions.

Equipment Included

For your comfortable shooting, the rental cost includes lights, softboxes, attachments, spotlights, and colored filters.

Changing Room Included

Throughout the entire rental period, a changing room is available for you.

Makeup Table Extra Fee

In our studio, there is a makeup table that you can rent for an additional fee. 20€/hour (Incl. 19% VAT).

Backgrounds Extra Fee

An additional fee is charged for using the background on the floor. 10€/meter (Incl. 19% VAT).

Coffee/Tea Included

In our studio, during the rental, our team can offer you coffee and tea.

Flexible Working Hours On Request

Studio rental outside of studio working hours (Mon. - Sun. 09:00 - 22:00) is available upon request.

Additional Equipment Extra Fee

For greater creativity, additional equipment such as a smoke machine, flexible mirror, or disco ball can be rented.

Photographer On Request Extra Fee

If you need a professional photographer for your shoot, you can book one of our talented photographers for an additional fee. Available upon request.

For your comfortable way to us

Working hours

Monday-Sunday 9:00-22:00

May vary on holidays, updates on instagram.

You need special time? Ask our team!

Where we are

Flottenstr. 50-53, 13407 Berlin

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Parking is available on the street near studio.

Public transport

S1, S26, S85 - S Wilhelmsruh (10 min walking)

U8 - Residenzstraße (10 min walking)

Bus 122 - Kopenhagener Str./Flottenstr. (3 min walking)